Welcome to the USS Standing Bear!

The Athegan Rift. Probably the most contentious place in the entire Inconnu Expanse. Six major worlds engaged in labrynthian politics for over a thousand years and prevented from outright disaster by the military prowess of Kethir. But when Kethir becomes isolationist, the situation in the rift changes dramatically.

A truce is declared, built on a gossamer web of mistrust and lies (because no one wants to admit their weaknesses), and the six worlds cooperate on building Athegan Station. Built to Federation standards as a gift to the Federation, the station is meant as a first step toward lasting peace. It is neutral ground.

The USS Standing Bear, ready for its maiden voyage, is ordered to the Athegan Rift on a complex mission of exploration, diplomacy and evaluation of the worlds that are suing for membership. Not an easy job especially when you throw in the Dyavek Hon, home-grown terrorists with their own agenda, pirates who seek to strip the rift of its vast resources, and oh yeah, there's that wormhole.

The USS Standing Bear is a Star Trek simulation (Roddenbery not Abrams) that focuses on the lives and adventures of the crew of an Insignia Class vessel tasked with a difficult (some might say nearly impossible) job. Interested parties are encouraged and welcome to submit an application (a sample post is required). One of the unique aspects of this sim is that, should the action stall (ever been stuck writing in a transporter room for a real-time month while everyone gathered?), actions will occur to shake things up ... right up to capture, imprisonment, even the destruction of the ship. So take a look around, drop by and visit us on Discord, and if you are looking for a new adventure, send in your bio.

Latest Mission Posts

» You Are Relieved

Mission: Welcome and Not
Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 11:54pm by Captain Serenity Nash

Serenity Nash stepped onto the Bridge of the USS Standing Bear and paused just out of sensor range of the turbolift. She'd made that mistake early in her career and stood too close causing the door to react whenever she shifted position out of shear nervousness. She remembered her commanding…

» New Beginings

Mission: Welcome and Not
Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 11:53pm by Captain Serenity Nash & Lieutenant Allen Jones

AJ had just gotten to the station that he was very familiar with. Since tensions had started to rise in the Expanse, AJ's team had been working in, out, and around the expanse. His team was one of the first Intel teams allowed at DS7 after its destruction. Once they…

» Day of Eggs and Roses, Part 2

Mission: Welcome and Not
Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 11:43pm by Lieutenant JG Cody Barnett & Lieutenant Foizah Chibany

Previously on USS Standing Bear....

"I believe the straight line reply to that is an Arrow Class runabout?" Foizah replied as the waitress set a cup of a pinkish white liquid in front of her with pink flower petals scattered on top. Foizah took a tentative sip of the glass,…

» A Slight Mix Up

Mission: Welcome and Not
Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 11:12pm by Lieutenant Zuth Boulderhewer

“Excuse me...Excuse me...Pardon me...Coming through...Look out...Pardon me…” Zuth called out as he dodged and weaved his way through the forest of legs that filled the debarkation terminal at Carnwennan Station. The trip from Starbase 72 had taken longer than he’d expected on account of having to avoid an ion storm,…

» Day of Eggs and Roses, Part 1

Mission: Welcome and Not
Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 9:03pm by Lieutenant Foizah Chibany & Lieutenant JG Cody Barnett

It's a beautiful site, Foizah thought to herself, as she looked out the viewing port at her first posting, the USS Standing Bear. It wasn't the first starship she had ever been on, of course. She had been the passenger on more than one starship in her education and expedition…